NODE is a Berlin and Oslo based design studio.
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11/12/2015 Edvard Munch Art Award
The Edvard Munch Art Award is an international prize for a contemporary visual artist. The visual identity we have designed is based on the Galapagos typeface conceived by Felix Weigand and developed by Fabian Harb. Based on a reduced set of geometrical shapes, the Galapagos typeface has a number of varieties. Much like Munch’s signature, the EMAA logo will develop over time.

03/11/2015 MIT ACT and CAVS Special Collection
—— Together with a colleague from Bengler, we have been invited to run a short workshop at the MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology (ACT) in Cambridge, MA. Next to that we had the opportunity to investigate the Center of Advanced Visual Studies Archive (CAVS Special Collection) in connection with upcoming projects. Photo by Even Westvang

28/10/2015 Wohnungsfrage
—— How can we create affordable living space? How do we provide opportunities for self-determination? Who are today’s new clients? What new answers can be found to the age-old housing question? 
The current HKW project Wohnungsfrage investigates the tension-ridden relationships between architecture, housing, and social reality.

27/09/2015 100 Years of Now
—— One of three posters we have designed using photography by Wolfgang Tillmans for the opening of 100 Years of Now at HKW. — "Short-termism reigns. Today’s decisions lack a future horizon. A constant flood of snapshots feeds the fear of missing out. A never ending flood of new technologies promises to solve all our problems – until the next revelation of the impossibility of tackling deep-seated conflicts through technological management. 100 Years of Now combines diagnoses of our times with scopes of action, explores the potentials of the past, and unlocks alternative futures." 
25/09/2015 Actopolis. The Art of Action
The visual identity we have worked on for this project is based on a custom made monospace typeface with a series of interchangeable glyphs. "Traditional democratic institutions are in a state of crisis, while civic urban society has swung into action, at the latest since Occupy, Gezi Park and Syntagma Square. Calls for the good life beyond the politics of austerity, for a multi-layered public life that is worthy of the name, for communities which do not define themselves via isolation are becoming louder and more insistent. In this situation ACTOPOLIS. The Art of Action is establishing a transnational test field for urban alternatives." A three year project by Urbane Künste Ruhr and Goethe-Institut. Artistic Directors: Angelika Fitz​ and Katja Aßmann​

23/09/2015 Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Archive Crisis
—— Archive Crisis is a visual essay based on a series of previously unpublished images from Greek (media) archives collected by visual artist Stefanos Tsivopoulos. The book explores the mechanisms of visual culture in a mediatized democracy, and their effect on the production of collective memory. Designed by us and published by Japsam Books in the Netherlands.

15/09/2015 Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)
—— The new website for Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) has been launched today. Designed and engineered by Bengler and NODE Berlin Oslo. The new concept for redefines the office’s digital presence and offers a tool for many different users: a condenser of ideas, works, identities, research, history, people, data and geographies. Modelling internal data and embracing external information, functions as an omnivorous sensor, tracing OMA’s work from inception to post-occupancy.

04/09/2015 Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival 2015
—— ‘On nature’ is the theme of this year’s Ultima festival. We are working with Swiss photographer Jonas Marguet to create a series of images with references to still-life, ‘Wunderkammer’ and technical photography – and of course the programme of the upcoming festival.

11/08/2015 Brecht Brief
—— 24h Durcheinander, deufert&plischke

10/07/2015 Oslo Pilot
—— “In response to an initiative by the City of Oslo Agency for Cultural Affairs (Norway), curators Eva González-Sancho and Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk are laying the groundwork for a future art biennial in the form of Oslo Pilot, a two-year, experimental, research-based project to investigate the role of art in and for the public realm. This active working process will count on the collaboration of different professionals in the field of art and other disciplines to define the ideal format and characteristics of a periodic, art-in-public-space event in the city of Oslo.” The identity we have created for this project is based on a custom-made typeface, and we will be designing a series of related items during the next two years.

07/05/2015 100 Years of Now, On War and Time 2015–2018
—— 100 Years of Now is a diagnosis of our times. Under the conditions of globalized real-time communications, our sense of the past and the future is diminishing. A century is the longest period that can be captured biographically. To some extent, our forebears were able to convey to us what happened during their lives. But the span of a century also allows us to take into account any reordering that is relevant to our time: At which points of transition were alternative outcomes conceivable? What global transformations are still having an impact—and will continue to into the future?

27/04/2015 Ape Culture
—— The exhibition Ape Culture at Haus der Kulturen der Welt presents artworks and documents that wittily observe the relationship between humans and other primates. 

—— Italian type designer Aldo Novarese has drawn our Milano cover typeface Sintex for VGC in 1973.

24/02/2015 Milano
—— Milan is the 6th release in the series of city guides designed by us for 38Hours.

18/02/2015 Tomorrow Is Always Too Long, Phil Collins
—— Poster for the latest film by artist Phil Collins. Specially commissioned for the Glasgow Film Festival 2014, the movie is a modern day city symphony and a musical love letter to Glasgow, shot on locations ranging from an antenatal class, to Barlinnie prison, and Frampton’s night club. 
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