Høvikodden Live



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The Henie Onstad Art Centre staged Høvikodden Live for the first time in 2007. The event consisted of a large-scale international exhibition, a concert series as well as screenings for art films. We were asked to design a newspaper, invitations and banners as well as a book.


For this project, we collaborated with Daniel Maarleveld, Jaan Evart and Julian Hagen, creators of the PenJet. The PenJet is an ordinary inkjet printer, but with a pen attached to its print-head. This pen draws the movement of the print-head.


We used the PenJet to write the word LIVE, making ever-changing variations for the different design elements. We also had a PenJet running at the opening of the event, again printing unique versions of the word LIVE.


For the newspaper, we played with the fact that newspaper prints in Norway are usually rather imprecisely printed. The phenomena of misalignment, in which the CMYK plates are minutely offset from one another, is quite common. We decided to create text and graphics using thin lines in CMY colours, which constantly change according to the level of misalignment.






Visual identity

Client: Henie Onstad Art Centre

Credits: NODE, illustrations by PenJet