NODE is a Berlin and Oslo based design studio.
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12/12/2017 Edvard Munch Art Award 2017
—— The Edvard Munch Art Award is an international, biannual prize presented by the Munch Museum. We have been devloping the identity and design in collaboration with Felix Salut using his Galapagos typeface by Dinamo.

26/11/2017 Public Space? Lost and Found
—— This book is the first in a new series of volumes produced by the MIT School of Architecture and Planning’s Program in Art, Culture and Technology. Edited by Gediminas Urbonas, Ann Lui and Lucas Freeman

25/09/2017 Diller Scofidio + Renfro
—— The new website and identity for Diller Scofidio + Renfro (NYC) has been designed in collaboration with Bengler and DS+R. The website’s front-page explores algorithms through its layout & design, and in the typography of a custom typeface by Ellmer Stefan.

20/09/2017 Coast Contemporary
—— Coast Contemporary is a platform and place of encounter that assembles artists and art professionals. We have been developing an identity and website in collaboration with Internet Friends Forever.

07/09/2017 Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival
—— This year's Ultima festival was evolving around rituals and spirituality in contemporary music. We have been collaborating with London-based artist Tom Mason to create a series of illustrations/collages for each of the festival's events.

21/08/2017 Future Energy Summit
—— Future Energy Summit (3 September) brings together professionals and enthusiasts from the fields of art, design, life sciences and humanities to Folkestone UK for a meeting on the opening weekend of Folkestone Triennial 2017, to re-imagine and re-script future models of energy, its role and impact on citizenship and culture.

28/02/2017 Field Notes—Zeitgenössische Musik in Berlin
—— We have been working with the new identity of Field Notes, the Berlin Guide for Contemporary Music, initiated by inm—initaitive neue musik berlin. The new magazine has been released, a new website will be launched soon. 

05/02/2017 Spell Reel by Filipa César at 67th Berlinale

Filipa César's Spell Reel is the result of a multifaceted research and digitisation project that she initiated in 2011 with Sana na N’Hada and Flora Gomes. The film will be shown as part of the Forum program at the 67th Berlinale.

09/01/2017 HKW 2017 program and new visual identity
—— "After a 7-month break for renovations, HKW Haus der Kulturen der Welt presents an extensive program in the freshly renovated building. Starting January 9, the poster campaign using the new corporate design by NODE Berlin Oslo can be viewed in Berlin."

20/12/2016 TRAFO – Modelle für Kultur im Wandel
—— With the new funding programme “TRAFO – Models for Culture in Transformation”, the Federal Cultural Foundation wishes to initiate processes of transformation in rural regions and smaller communities with cultural programmes. We have been working with the CI and website design, coding by Systemantics.

23/11/2016 Poster workshop at Torpedo’s ‘One Year Art Book Fair’
—— NODE will be giving a workshop from 9–11 December in coordination with the final installment of Torpedo’s One Year Art Book Fair. NODE will create a context for production and distribution of posters, to explore poster-making in a setting that is neither driven by a commercial, nor a political agenda.

The posters will be printed on an A2 Riso Duplicator and will be on display at Atelier Felix as well as distributed in the city of Oslo.

Apply here.

20/10/2016 REDO Conference Prishtina, Kosovo
—— In October we have been invited to hold a lecture at the impressive National Library of Kosovo in Prishtina, as part of REDO Conference. In addition, Ian Svenonius, Atlas Studio, Samuel Nyholm, Veronica Ditting, Maureen Mooren and Karl Nawrot were present. Many thanks to Bardhi Haliti and his team for the invitation. 

21/09/2016 Wörterbuch der Gegenwart #5 Körper

In his works, the artist Kader Attia addresses the concept of “repair” as a constant in life. In the oldest and largest anatomy lecture hall at Berlin’s Charité he develops a narrative about the body in three fragments for the Dictionary of Now.

22/06/2016 Spesial Nord no. 4
—— For the latest issue of Spesial Nord, seven artists have been responding to a selection of visual elements and the heading ‘Body Brain Body—B—B—B’. Our design is also a response to these elements and consists of seven posters that were all printed on a different paper quality. The publication also features a text by Morten L. Kringelbach, a Professor of Neuroscience at Aarhus University in Denmark and a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford.

10/06/2016 +ultra. gestaltung schafft wissen
—— We are currently working with the exhibition and publication design for the upcoming show at Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin.
"Gestaltung ist Forschung und Forschung ist Gestaltung. Anhand von Modellen, Werkzeugen und Bildern zeigt die Ausstellung erstmalig die fundamentale Bedeutung gestalterischer Prozesse für die Wissenschaft. Vom Faustkeil bis zum 3D-gedruckten Organ, von bio-mimetischen Materialien bis zu fühlenden Prothesen präsentiert +ultra. gestaltung schafft wissen den Erkenntniswert und die Konsequenzen der menschlichen Umformung von Natur. Der Natur als bereits durch Menschenhand gestaltet tritt eine Welt gegenüber, in der die Grenzen zwischen Natur und Kultur, organisch und anorganisch, Materie und Geist zunehmend durchlässig werden. In raumgreifenden Installationen und anhand von Steuerungsbildern, in denen Realität und Simulation verschmelzen, erlebt der Besucher dieses Spannungsverhältnis."
Veranstalter: Exzellenzcluster „Bild Wissen Gestaltung. Ein Interdisziplinäres Labor“, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.
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